Links to Online worship (Children’s Worship)

Our Sunday morning worship is live-streamed via our Facebook Page. This page is for the children’s online worship, which is uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

These videos are now made only when there is no children’s talk in our recorded services. This will generally be when it is church meeting Sunday. 


Children & Family talk 21.1.24. Jesus and the fishermen

Children & family talk 16.7.23, the parable of the sower – from Matthew 13.

Children & Family talk 5.3.23 Nicodemus

Children & Family talk for 26.2.23 Jesus is tempted in the wilderness.

Children & family talk 19.2.23 the transfiguration of Jesus

Children & family talk 5.2.23, Shining a light

Children & family talk 29.1.23 The Beatitudes

Children & family talk 22.1.23, making changes!

Children & family talk 15.1.23, the 1st disciples

Children & Family talk 8.1.23, Peter and Cornelius