News from Budiriro 2012 04

News from our Partner Church in Budiriro

Extracts taken from emails received by Rev David Rees from Alois Mhonda, an elder of the church in Budiriro. Please continue to pray for Alois, his wife Agrina and the rest of their church family::

Hello David and the whole congregation of Christ Church U.R.C. Rayleigh,

On behalf of Budiriro United Presbyterian Church, I greet you all in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ at this time of Ester Holiday.   We join you the Christ Church U.R.C. Rayleigh Congregation in  celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Starting  Palm Sunday our programme was,  Sunday :  Mark 11 vs 1 to 11,  Monday :  John 12 vs 1 to 11,  Tuesday:  John 12 vs 20 to 36 or 1 Cor 1 vs 18 to 36,  Wednesday :  John 13 vs 1 to17,  Thursday: 1 Cor 11 vs 23 to 26,  Good Friday to Saturday: All Night Prayer,  Sunday Morning:  Holly Communion.  On the all night we have invited Ministers from other churches to share with us the glory of God.  I hope it will be a joys moment when we sing  and dance and give praise to the Almighty.

We are now a full constituted congregation with our own session. We have been blessed to work with Rev Michael Mutaurwa whose commitment to do God's work is unquestionable. Our congregation is growing steadily, we give thanks to God.  I always remember you when you were looking for Kristy, you said you were praying to God, for God to give you the right candidate.  In everything we do, we should pray for God to give us directions, means and power to overcome situations.

We also have been praying for our Church Stand. The Church Stand Plans have been approved and they now have stand numbers. Rev Michael Mutaurwa has been helping me and my wife Agrina to deal with the Councillors on the issue of the Church stand. The local councillor has worked had to convince the city fathers that we do not need to put us on bidding system because we don't have a church any where in our area. I am glad that we have now finished all the paper work and the ground for the site has been serviced. They have now excluded us from biding, so we are now waiting for the day we will be called for the allocation.  So during this period all we do is pray, for God's time, which is the best time.

Rev Rees and The URC Christ Church Rayleigh you are always in our minds here at Budiriro Uniting Presbyterian Church we ask you to please pray for us, because It is only through prayer that God unlocks, locked doors of our lives.

Thank You
Best regards

Alois Mhonda”