Commitment for Life and Christian Aid

Commitment for Life & Christian Aid

Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life encourages all United Reformed churches to take action, pray and give for people across the world. It works with both Christian Aid and The World Development Movement. Last year, the URC raised over £600,000 (due to a substantial legacy) to help alleviate the root causes of poverty. 75% goes to Christian Aid to be divided equally among the four partner countries, 10% to the World  Development Movement and 15% for administration, resources and grant giving. It is the recommended way for all United Reformed Churches to give to Christian Aid. The four counties that Commitment for life works in are Jamaica, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Israel & the occupied Palestinian Territories.
Over the years Christ Church has been involved with all 4 projects but currently we are supporting Jamaica. We emphasis the work of C4L especially in October each year.

Commitment for Life in Jamaica

Jamaica’s image as a popular holiday destination masks huge inequalities. The country has been crippled by a huge debt burden with international financial institutions. Many people lack access to health clinics and schools. Unemployment is widespread and 14.5 per cent of the population live below the poverty line. HIV infection rates are high. C4L supports partners working to end the stigma associated with HIV, provide training and job opportunities for young men, and support income-generating activities for women who lost their jobs at the collapse of the banana industry. CfL also support regeneration projects, especially in areas affected by landslides and hurricanes.


The World Development Movement is a movement of people who a share a vision of a world in which poverty does not exist and where global inequality is substantially reduced. They are a movement of people who come together as equals with the people of the global south to run effective campaigns at the national, international and supranational level.
WDM campaigns aim to change those policies, institutions and actions of the governments and corporations of the wealthy minority which cause poverty, injustice and inequality. The goal is to establish the right of countries and local communities, especially in poorer countries, to take their own path towards sustainable development and pursue policies that put people before profit.

Christian Aid

Christ Church supports Christian Aid Week by collecting house-to-housein May every year. The majority of the activities during this week are fundraising based. We also support Christian Aid campaigns and emergency appeals as they arise.