Bar 'n' Bus

For over 15 years Bar ‘N’ Bus has been in Webster’s Way car park in Rayleigh town centre (almost) every Thursday night between 8 and 10pm.

A dedicated team of volunteers from all the churches of Rayleigh have ‘staffed’ the colourful bus or van. On a lovely summer evening it can be pleasant event, but the team also goes out in all weather, unless the roads are impassable.

Through acceptance, the Xbox and many thousand of cups of tea and biscuits young people can relax, talk and see positive Christian life values modelled as an alternative to street culture.

Bar'n'BusBar 'n' Bus aims to reach out to the young people by

  • Supporting – by listening to the young people, we can support them through tough times as well as the good times.
  • Educating – by helping young people to see that the choices they make now can effect the rest of their lives.
  • Encouraging – by showing an interest in the lives of  the young people, we can encourage them to reach their dreams and goals.

Christ Church supports B ‘n’ B through volunteers, funding and prayer.

For further information on the work of Bar 'n' Bus teams through out South East Essex, please see Bar 'N' Bus

Link to May 2020 promotional video, with an overview of the Bar n Bus work.

Link to the May 2020 (Easter) newsletter