XL Mentoring Project


The partnership between the Megacentre and Christ Church URC for the XL Mentoring Project in Rayleigh will come to a close on 21st October 2021. After this date the Megacentre will be taking over the running of this project . You can continue to contact Sandy or Lucy up until this date, after this date all referrals and enquiries should be addressed to the Megacentre.

Email: hub@megacentrerayleigh.co.uk

Tel: 01268 779999


The XL Mentoring Project is a partnership project between Christ Church URC Rayleigh and the Megacentre, Rayleigh. We train volunteers from the local community to mentor young people who are referred to us from the local school, mental health team, school nurse, their youth group, or sometimes from their family or self-referred.

Our trained mentors will meet once a week or a fortnight with their young person for at least 12 months, in the community, building a mentoring relationship, working towards self-initiated goals, and helping them to achieve a sense of self-worth.

You can also find the referral form for mentoring with more information here: Leaflet with referral form