Sundayclub meets during the morning worship at the church! Contact Sandy on 07511950633 for the latest information.

Please fill in a Consent Form for children’s activities. and return it to Sandy Brown. email: [email protected]   

Sandy makes short children’s talk videos for those who are unable to make it to the church services. These can be found here:

Link to children and family services page

We can now link up with you via zoom if you are unable to join us in the building so if you are aged 3 to 16 or have children of this age, and would like to join us please contact Sandy on 07511950633 at least a day in advance please.


Sundayclub welcomes all children.
Sundayclub welcomes all children aged up to 18.


Sundayclub is a fun time for children & Young People to join together. It’s a time to explore stories in the bible through age appropriate arts and crafts, drama and games, and discussion. Cooking is also a popular activity. There is no charge for Sundayclub.

For more information please contact Sandy: 07511950633