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Children and Youth online, For All ages

Messy Church at Home/ in a bag online videos
Pentecost Messy Church in a bag and 8th Birthday 2021
Easter Messy Church in a bag 2021
February half term World Day of Prayer Messy Church in a bag.
December 2020 Christmas in  a bag!

October 2020 Harvest in a bag! 

Saturday 24th October – breakfast cereals! – activity 1

Sunday 25th October – baking biscuits to share! – activity 2

Monday 26th October -Making a moving tractor – activity 3

Tuesday 27th October – colouring a rainbow, activity 4

Wednesday 28th October – Leaf collage – activity 5

Thursday 29th October – Pencil case – activity 6

Friday 30th October – making a barn! Activity 7.

Mustard Seeds baby and toddler group videos

For young people

URC Youth page

Real life stories to listen to:

Megan’s story


Scripture union challenge the egg challenge

Scripture union film quote challenge

Songs to listen or sing along to: 

the Newsboys – God’s not dead

John 14 v 6 the way the truth and the life song.

You are love Lord by Rend collective

the Passion sung by Hillsong

For who you are, Hillsong