Building Project

Building Project

After a review of our Mission Plan, the elders and members have been looking at a building project which has three aims;

  • An eco-friendly building
  • A warm and inviting set of buildings which, in addition to worship, can become an asset for the community to use.
  • Carry out repairs to ensure the building will last well into the foreseeable future.

Phase 1 of the project, which started in early March 2024, tackles all the items by

  • Full redecoration of both Caley Hall and our Primary Room;
  • Ceiling insulation and new electric heating in Caley Hall to reduce our use of gas heating;
  • Investigating problems with the damp and flooring in the Primary Room and rectifying any issues
  • New lighting for both the worship area and Caley Hall
  • Carry out external repairs to brickwork and rendering and other works identified in our building report.
  • New organ steps to remove a Health & Safety hazard.

Phase 2 of the project will complete the transformation of the building by:

  • Installing ceiling insulation and double glazing in the worship area;
  • Complete redecoration of the worship area including new carpet;
  • New storage behind the organ
  • Replacing some cupboards in the kitchen.

It is hoped this will begin soon after phase 1 has been completed.

It is expected that this will cost around £300,000 and we are looking to fundraise with concerts and other events, grants and donations.

If you would like further information please contact Ian Miller, Chairman of the building Committee at [email protected].

Can you give a donation? No matter the size, anything you can give will be welcome. Please contact our treasurer Keith.