July 2016

Being busy, being worried

July is one of those months that creep on me.
The August holiday is booked and expectation of the time away growing, but there seems an awful lot to do before making sure the suitcases are packed.

Church life has a few extras; the Church Anniversary on Sunday 10th July and then the Family Fun Day in King Georges Field on the Saturday 16th July are just two of the additions. And then it seems that every committee/action group that I’m involved with requires another meeting before the summer break – made especially hard to plan because many take time off in June or July before the school holiday peak.

We all have times when we are busier than usual. And I find that frequently in the busier times I have more trouble doing the basics of a balanced life. Meals are often eaten on the run; the daily walk becomes every 3rd or 4th day; the previously relaxed conversation is now with half an eye on the clock. Social media from emails to Facebook can add to the feeling of hassle and time squeeze. And there is the unexpected roads works or the delayed train that then increases the journey time exponentially, cutting into work or leisure. I start to worry that things won’t get done.

There are some of us who like to worry about everything. The next task; the hold up in the traffic; or how we are perceived by others. What we have or haven’t done. What we should or shouldn’t do.
I heard a story about a rocking chair. Think about it. A rocking chair occupies us and give us something to do, but also a rocking chair doesn’t get us very far. Worry is like that chair, our minds are continually occupied going back and forth, but actually we aren’t moving on.

In the area of your life where you struggle - busyness or your reputation or something else - perhaps allowing God in on your worries might be a start in moving out of the well-used and comfortable rocking chair and a discovering each day and each moment for gift that it is. Perhaps a prayer might be needed:

God allow us to discover the gift of each moment of the day.
God allow us to lose our worry.
God allow us to find the beauty in each day and hour.
God fill us with peace.



July 2016