Weddings and Blessing of a Marriage

Congratulations that you are looking at getting married! Your wedding day is an important stage in your life together and we believe that God wants to bless you. Though definitely a religious ceremony, a wedding service at Christ Church can be tailored to reflect your individual requirements. Organ music, or a special song on a CD, perhaps the best man reading a poem or a school friend singing a solo, these and other requirements can make your day extra special. Depending on circumstances, it is not unusual to include children from previous or present relationships in the service.

What next?
As a first step please talk to our minister to establish your general requirements and date availability. You will need to obtain a valid marriage licence from the registration office in Rayleigh or Southend in good time. Parts of the service are required by law and legally you would need to live in the Rochford or Southend area, or be able to affirm that you worship at Christ Church.

We believe in new starts. Marriages can fail for a variety of reasons and if either of you has been divorced there is no barrier to a celebrating your love and commitment by being married at Christ Church.

Blessing of a Marriage
If you have been married overseas or in a registry office you may consider a blessing of marriage service. You can invite friends and family unable to be present at your original service. This service would normally follow the pattern of a wedding service (with any changes that are suitable), but without the legal requirement.

Same-Sex Marriage
Christ Church Rayleigh is proud to be a welcoming and inclusive church, and we are registered for Same-Sex marriage.
Legal requirements and procedure can be seen above 'What next?'

Renewal of Vows
Whether it is a special anniversary or 'just' the right moment in time, a service of recommittment and celebration is significant for you and your spouse. It might be a quiet, private ceremony or perhaps an invitation to all the friends and family that have been part of your journey together.  A Renewal of Wedding Vows service is a declaration of continuing or renewed love. In a society that doesn't always value commitment, a couple managing to stay together through thick and thin deserves some celebration.

How much?
Cost is on application, but for a wedding the fees are normally in the region of £330-£380 which would include planning meetings, a practice, officiating minister, organist, steward(s), registrar and the church building. It would be confirmed at the first meeting with the minister. Other services are likely to cost less.
Tea and coffee can also be served after the service if there is a gap before the reception. Alternativley, the hall can be hired for the reception (please note, alcohol is not permitted).

For further information please email our Minister or phone 07555 705530