Minister's Newsletters

The statement made by our minister, Rev Naomi Young-Rodas, at her Ordination and Induction service on Saturday 2nd November 2019  is available here. It gives some background to Naomi's life in the church.

There is also a video of the Ordination and Induction service which is available on You Tube. You can view this video by clicking here.  Additionally, click on the "Photos" drop down list where there is an album of three photos of the Induction service.


There haven't been any minister's newsletters produced since December 2017, as we have been without a minister. Now that we have Naomi as our minister, we hope that the newsletters will become a regular feature again.

There will be a link from this page to each of the latest newsletters as they become available.

Alternatively, click here to access a list of older Newsletters.