Romanian Crestin Trust

Registered Charity No. 1062964

Members of our congregation are involved in the charity Romanian Crestin Trust, which works with a Romanian sister organisation called Inima Reginei, and with Romanian Appeal Killearn England (RAKE).

The church has supported this work in Romania since 1994. Please e-mail John Amos for further information.

The latest Newsletter from John is shown below:

Newsletter - December 2016

This newsletter is the culmination of a very busy time and covers visits by David and Maureen in September, David and Alina in early October and Wendy and John in late October!

Our work continues to be blessed in three major areas, the Adopt a family project under Wendy and Jean, the Orphanage and work with children with cleft lip and palate problems under David and our connection with the House of Roses under John. Whilst we trustees have responsibility for these specific areas we very much work as a team.

As always, the newsletter is but a glimpse into the many blessings which we hope you will enjoy – greeting you from the House of Roses are, Oana, Wendy, George, Geta, Razvan, Gigi, Ionut, Irma, Ionica with Billy and John.

Enjoy the read…….


The Adopt a Family project continues to flourish with one family in Bucharest and five in Barlad, where we are able to help the poor:
Delia Vasilescu now 28 years old from Bucharest has been quadriplegic since early childhood and continues to feature high on our agenda as we help the family provide physiotherapy. Digestion is a huge problem for Delia and we are hopeful that surgery will be possible to enable nutrients and fluids to go directly into her stomach.







Ruxander Chiper (left) a lovely old lady who we have supported for many years. In the winter months she lives, eats and sleeps in the small kitchen. Wendy and Oana sitting on her bed!





Rarinca Caramalu epitomises the beauty of the older generation. Well into her eighties, she lives in a small house, the roof of which we refurbished during the year.
Despite the hardship and medical problems she always has a smile on her face and is thankful for everything. The financial aid through the project will ensure she has sufficient wood to keep her warm through the winter months.

Wendy, Rarinca and Gigi                                              Alina, Rarinca and David


The House of Roses is a joint venture between RAKE, Myosotis Trust and the Romanian Crestin Trust, who help fund the running of the home. Two full time staff and a multitude of volunteers from Myosotis help create what can only be described as a fantastic home for Geta, Irma, Ionut, Razvan, George and our latest resident Ionica:


Visitors are always welcome and this year we were blessed to see Linda and Mike Barnes (3rd and 5th from left) who have known our youngsters for many years!






Craft activities are a daily part of life, and a special treat was provided by youngsters from the Girls Brigade in Hullbridge.

Geta and Irma enjoyed reading the cards and will be kept and treasured by the girls.







George is always happiest when outside, and took great delight in showing me the chickens, which must be the best fed chickens in Romania!






In 1996 we started sending children with cleft lip and palate problems to the Children’s hospital in Brasov where Mr Fenton and his team performed what can only be described as amazing surgery.

During the year, David experienced, without doubt, the highlight of this project. Young Alesia was found by David at the Centre in Barlad. Along with other children she was taken to Brasov and you can see the transformation. In July Alesia was re-united with her parents Mr and Mrs Marian in Husi, Alesia has no brothers or sisters but her grand-parents adore her - a dream come true!

In order to comply with the privacy and confidentiality terms set by the Children’s Protection Unit the eyes of some children have been blocked.

November 2015



Mihaela Pricop, with her foster mother and father. Mihaela is undergoing an extensive maxiofacial surgery programme to reconstruct her upper lip/jaw and have teeth implanted. Mihaela is now 18 years old and has operations two or three times a year to achieve this objective. Unlike the operations by Mr Fenton, the trust have to finance this work and we are extremely thankful to all of our supporters.



In March 2011 this little girl was diagnosed with Keilopalatoschizis bilateral, a cleft lip and received surgery from Mr Fenton and his team in 2012 and 2013.

Sadly, we understand that Lavinia, now 5 ½ years old suffers from cerebral palsy. Please continue to pray for her and all the children at the Centre in Barlad.






The young man with the walking frame is Liviu and suffers from a form of paralysis. The walking frame was kindly donated by the Global Volunteers.







Part of the work of Myosotis is a respite care programme at Casa Esme. David and Maureen are paying them a visit (right).


And finally two more special people:



Gaby with Alina (left)and Elvis with Maureen (right)







On behalf of our trustees and all the folk we have the privilege to work with in Romania thank you for your continued interest, encouragement and support. We wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Alina, Maureen, Wendy, David, and John

If you would like to know more about our work in Romania, please contact one of the trustees:

John Amos 01268 779889, David Conway 07767363445, Jean Hall 01268 743148 or Wendy Norris 01268 777901.

You can now donate securely on line via Virgin Money Giving where you will have the option to donate by Paypal or Credit Card, on which there is a small administration charge, or by posting a cheque to John at 23 Sheridan Close, Rayleigh, SS6 8YR

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Romanian Crestin Trust – LOVE IN ACTION – Registered Charity No. 1062964