Ministry Team

Our Minister

Our minister is David Rees, who has been at Christ Church, Rayleigh since 1999. David is married to Birgit who is a minister and presently also works as a counsellor. They have two school-age children, Rebecca and Sebastian. David, who is Australian, studied in Melbourne, Australia; Bonn, Germany; and Westminster College, Cambridge. He also ministers at The Bridgwater Drive Church in Westcliff-on-Sea.

Rev David ReesDavid writes;

"Life is full of twists and turns. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I, an Australian, would end up living in England married to a German. Sometimes life is good to us, and the unexpected is a pleasant surprise.

At other times though, the surprise is anything but pleasant and can become a disappointment or even a disaster. I believe the life of faith can help us cope with all of life's surprises. Faith can't stop bad things happening but can bring comfort and support. Knowing God helps us celebrate the good things in life, and also makes us aware of others who aren't as fortunate.

Being involved in a church such as Christ Church enables you to find a faith home. In all the varied church activities - whether 'spiritual' or not - there is a basis of faith in God. It is good to find out the difference God can make in your life. It is also good to be part of an environment that encourages you to do that. God bless you in your search for Him."

If you would like to know more about any aspect of our church, please contact our minister by e-mail: David Rees, and phone him on 01268 654900. You can find out more about David's thoughts as he writes a monthly church magazine article.


Our Youth Worker Kirsty Deeks

Our Youth Worker is Kirsty Christmas. Kirsty has been at Christ Church since May 2011.

Kirsty has been a Youth Worker for 8 Years and is thrilled to be part of the Christ Church team. " I am so pleased to be able to use past youth work experince within the church along with my passion to serve the Lord and this community"

Please mail Kirsty, or phone 07833 604350

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The Elders

The United Reformed Church endorses Elders as part of the leadership of a congregation. Christ Church is fortunate that its 8 Elders, along with the minister, share responsiblility for the worship, day to day business and pastoral care of the congregation. Each Elder is linked to a church organisation and pastoral group.
To contact the Elders, please email the Church Secretary or phone Jean Hall on 01268 743148.